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How to take care of your Chula bags

If you are one of those who use a handbag every day, you will know how important it is to keep it clean. Although it seems like a difficult task, it is not. With these tips you can wash your bag CHULA at home easily and quickly.

  1. You can clean your CHULA bag at home with a damp cloth in a simple way, you just have to rub it gently and you will see how the stains will disappear easily and quickly. If it is Wayuu bags , the first thing you should do is remove everything that is inside. You can then wash it by hand with neutral soap and water or in the washing machine, using a program for delicate fabrics.

  2. Once you have washed the bag, you should let it air dry. Do not put it in the sun directly, as it may discolor.

Smooth and durable zippers. Applying a very thin layer of natural wax on the metal zippers and hardware of your bags can be very useful to prevent your bag from getting damaged, stuck, stained or completely ruined. Better safe than sorry!

Store your bag in a dry and shady place It is important that you make sure that you store your bag in a completely dry and shady place since you could risk mold growth, an unpleasant musty smell and the sun deteriorating the color of the bag. your bag. Avoid damp, wet places and excessive exposure to the sun could ruin your bag forever!

Be very careful if you carry personal care products, cosmetics or sharp objects: We all love to look beautiful all day, that is why it is common to carry makeup everywhere, perfumes, cosmetics, lotions and other items in our bags . Always try to carry a cosmetic bag or makeup bag , avoid spills, dirt, or accidents that may affect or damage your beautiful bag.

Do you need a cosmetic bag?

Acquire one of our cosmetic bags or makeup bags to prevent you from damaging your bag, staining, ruining, spilling and other situations that are harmful to your bag, you can also have everything better organized avoiding messes in your bag. We have beautiful designs that you will love and fall in love with!

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