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  • How to take care of your Chula bags

    If you are one of those who use a handbag every day, you will know how important it is to keep it clean. Although it seems like a difficult task, it is not. With these tips you can wash your bag CHULA at home easily and quickly. You can clean your CHULA bag at home with a damp cloth in a simple way, you just have to rub it gently and you will see how the stains will disappear easily and quickly. If it is Wayuu bags , the first thing you should do is remove everything that is inside. You can then wash it by hand with neutral soap and water or in the washing machine, using a program for delicate fabrics. Once you have washed the bag, you should let it air dry. Do not put it in the sun directly, as it may discolor. Smooth and durable zippers. Applying a very thin layer of natural wax on the metal zippers and hardware of your bags can be very useful to prevent your bag from getting damaged, stuck, stained or completely ruined. Better safe than sorry! Store your bag in a dry and shady place It is important that you make sure that you store your bag in a completely dry and shady place since you could risk mold growth, an unpleasant musty smell and the sun deteriorating the color of the bag. your bag. Avoid damp, wet places and excessive exposure to the sun could ruin your bag forever! Be very careful if you carry personal care products, cosmetics or sharp objects: We all love to look beautiful all day, that is why it is common to carry makeup everywhere, perfumes, cosmetics, lotions and other items in our bags . Always try to carry a cosmetic bag or makeup bag , avoid spills, dirt, or accidents that may affect or damage your beautiful bag. Do you need a cosmetic bag? Acquire one of our cosmetic bags or makeup bags to prevent you from damaging your bag, staining, ruining, spilling and other situations that are harmful to your bag, you can also have everything better organized avoiding messes in your bag. We have beautiful designs that you will love and fall in love with!

  • An Innovative Brand: Unique, Practical and Original Styles

    We want to recognize the CHULA Moda Latina brand as a company that creates products with meaning and heart, a 100% Mexican company, with more than 10 years of experience and presence in the Central American market. They offer a unique and original style in their wide range of products, as well as in their innovative and multicolored designs, such as their spectacular line of interchangeable sandals. CHULA works every day to maintain maximum quality control, without using materials of animal origin. Their designs are unique, they are like art paintings embodied in their shoes, bags and accessories. ArtLove&Moore we are proud to be able to offer our customers the products of the CHULA. CHULA Moda Latina products are made in Mexico - Animal Free - Mexico Without Child Labor - Sustainable Products - Slow Fashion - Fairtrade.

  • What is Fairtrade?

    Fairtrade changes the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries. Fairtrade's approach enables farmers and workers to have more control over their lives and decide how to invest in their future. As a leader in the global movement to make trade fair, Fairtrade supports and challenges businesses and governments and connects farmers and workers with the people who buy their products. By choosing Fairtrade, people can create change through their everyday actions. A product with the FAIRTRADE Mark means producers and businesses have met internationally agreed standards which have been independently certified. Farmers and workers have a strong voice at every level of Fairtrade, from how they invest in and run their local organizations to having an equal say in Fairtrade’s global decision-making. You can find more information ARTLOVE&MOORE is proud to can offer to you Fairtrade Products.

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    New Collection Frida Kahlo Great collection of fidra kahlo, come see our products and encourage yourself to buy See more Our Products Find the product you want in our virtual store, beautiful bags, backpacks, wallets, accessories, shoes and sandals. Filter by Collection All Handbags Backpacks Crossbody Bags Shoulder Bags Shoes Casual Soles Top Socks Sweet Laces Top Comfy Click Soles Top Click Prints Top Click Lace Elegance Soles Top Elegance SALES Price $7.99 $114.99 Color Form Ajatu Arrow Beige Rhombus Jimeuya Multicolors Noutaya Rhombus Size 5/6 6/7 7/8 8/9 9/10 9/10. Large Medium One Size Small Sort by Quick View Red Mandala Monique Price $51.99 Quick View Hummingbird Honey Clutch Handbag Price $38.99 Quick View Zenda Isabel Handbag Price $56.99 Quick View Magenta Butterfly Isabel Handbag Price $56.99 Quick View Mandala Heart Mini Backpack Price $56.99 Quick View Flower Mandala Mini Backpack Price $56.99 Quick View Butterfly Garden Celine Backpack Price $72.99 Quick View Villandry Celine Backpack Price $72.99 Quick View Hummingbird flower Backpack Out of stock Quick View Mandala heart Backpack Out of stock Quick View Mandala Hindu Backpack Price $70.99 Quick View Dahlia Backpack Price $70.99 1 2 3 ... 23 Top sellers Red Mandala Monique Price $51.99 Hummingbird Honey Clutch Handbag Price $38.99 Zenda Isabel Handbag Price $56.99 Magenta Butterfly Isabel Handbag Price $56.99 Mandala Heart Mini Backpack Price $56.99 Load More Still don't know what to give See more buy a shoulder bag for that special person for you, you will see happiness in their eyes, our products are of high quality and beautiful designs. Testimonials Rouss This handbag is simply gorgeous! I get so many compliments on it everywhere I go. It's the perfect size for carrying all my essentials and the is very soft and supple. I would definitely recommend this handbag to anyone. Diana Plata I absolutely love my new backpack! It's the perfect size for everyday use and it has so many pockets and compartments that I can easily keep everything organized. The quality is excellent and it's very stylish. I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone. Ana Yocovick I love my new Wayuu bag! I always wanted a bag with a very Latin style with indigenous design because I think they are very beautiful to go out with my friends

  • Online Store | Art Love & Moore

    Cyber monday Discount on Selected Collections / Free Taxes & 15% off Use is CODE CY15MO You will love our products. Take advantage of the discounts of this Cyber monday, 15% Discount on Selected Collections / Free Taxes, Shop now. Top sellers Mandala Heart Mini Backpack Price $56.99 Flower Mandala Mini Backpack Price $56.99 Butterfly Garden Celine Backpack Price $72.99 Villandry Celine Backpack Price $72.99 Summer Flower Mini Clutch Price $25.99 Load More Our categories Browse our product collection to find the best backpack, bag, shoes or sandals for you. Bags Art in Your Hands CHULA Bangs made with inspiration and passion, the modern design made each one unique and special, just like you. Buy now through our website. Ver más Shoes Comfort & Design Chula Urban sneakers are very comfy, perfect for walk in the park or a casual day around town. Slip on these original print low-top shoes. Ver más Sandals Interchangeable A new shoes concept that is revolutionizing the world of fashion. Use one sole with many tops! Build your own sandals! Ver más Accessories The ideal Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further than artloveandmoore! Our unique selection of wallet and accessories are sure to impress. Ver más New Collection Frida Kahlo Great collection of fidra kahlo, come see our products and encourage yourself to buy See more Discount Products Quick View Frida Beauty Amelie Crossbody Cellphone Wallet Case Price $37.99 Quick View Pink Mandala Double Zipper Wallet Price $32.99 Quick View Summer Flower Double Zipper Wallet Price $32.99 Quick View Butterfly Flow Jenn